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Download A Latest Online Banking Php Script 2020

on October 24, 2020

Banka Online banking script is a complete online banking php script that facilitates international fund transfer for customers using the included OTP, COT, ATC, TAX, and IMF code modules, local transfer telebanking and interbank transfer. This is a latest version of online banking script 2020.

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Banka is developed with secure bank transfer modules to ensure fund goes to the required customer both within the bank and any other external bank with premium features including Charts for clear overview of all bank activities, email alerts for every transaction, Fund transfer bank account . This has carefully been created to conform with all digital bank code and ethics to provide you with the very best digital banking operation.

this has been developed within built APIs to connect with virtually all banks in order to ensure fund transfer goes to the needed recipient and not another person.

Banka – Online Banking Script is a fully automated online banking PHP script that handles banking transactions. 

Banka script package contains:
– A Responsible Banking Home Page
– An Admin Portal (This controls and monitors the activity of each account created.)
– A User Panel
– SQL Database File

-Admin  has full access over users account

-Admin can create the following codes for transfer; COT,IMF,TAX,ATC & OTP

Banka Features

Login Page, PIN Validation page, registration page and user dashboard. The user dashboard contains the credit balance, ledger balance, Local Funds Transfer, International Funds, next of kin, employment details, security questions & answers, profile picture, automatic debit, e-statement, loans application/approval, credit cards, internal messaging channel; change PIN, change password, encrypted Password for security, and Valid Transfer Codes.

Stop searching for online banking script on google Banka Script is best for any of your online banking project.

Watch Bankia Online Banking Script Demo Below…

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