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8 Reasons Why Should Consider Investing In Bitcoin

on September 27, 2020

Bitcoin has many misconceptions about investment. Investors are thinking that it might not be the best for them to acquire bitcoins and hold it. Both experts and beginners have different opinions about how bitcoin is going to perform in the future and if it is the best time to throw the money and invest in digital currency like bitcoins. Even with complications and compressibility, bitcoin is rising so well in today’s market.  

So, investing some amount in bitcoin can be very beneficial with the rising growth since 2017. Let’s learn more about bitcoins and then decide whether investing in bitcoins is profitable or not.  

Bitcoin Investing: Few Reasons 

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency and payment system that is completely different from the usual currencies.  

Some investors prefer investing in Bitcoin, while others still find it risky. Using a cryptocurrency, the user can send or receive money wherever in the globe. The transaction all are digital, which means the transaction can be operated anytime. While transacting using cryptocurrency, the user has full access over the money without any interference from the government. The only P2P network is established.  

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Through blockchain, the transaction is maintained through a ledger to avails transparency.  

1. Crypto- Authority: Bitcoin 

Besides Bitcoin, roughly near two thousand cryptocurrencies operating in the market. All of them are significantly trying to influence the market by using various tactics.  

So far, Bitcoin is on the number one in the list because it is the primitive cryptocurrency and has the ultimate advantages to become the backbone of other blockchain currencies. However, to the investors, Bitcoin is so far proven to be the most realizable and secure currency compared to others.  

2. Increasing Acceptance of Cryptocurrency  

More investors are willing to invest in the cryptocurrency, that means the acceptance of cryptocurrency is increasing worldwide.  

The usability is another reason why merchants are accepting it as a payment worldwide. Countries are adopting cryptocurrency rapidly and create more advanced tools to discover the future potential of blockchain. Sooner or later, bitcoin will gain society’s trust because the conventional fiat currencies can’t provide a solution for the digitized problem, and ultimately it will become obsolete. However, the uses of bitcoin alleviate most of the problems that arise by the fiat currency, such as centralized monopoly and high taxes.

3. Immune to Inflation 

While using the fiat currency, the risk of inflammation keeps on revolving. Fiat currency can use its value anytime when the government doesn’t stop to print more of it, yet the cryptocurrency is free of any centralized regulation, which means no act or regulation can create the situation of inflation.  

Cryptocurrency usability has increased to the greatest extent, and now this cryptocurrency has properly stabilized, and still, the value is increasing with time.  

4. No Taxation

Due to zero involvement of intermediaries or third parties, no taxes are associated with Bitcoin, and also transaction fee is being reduced to a considerable amount.  

The transaction associated with cryptocurrency complicacy is reduced as it uses the blockchain technology, all the transaction can be recorded at one place, which is available publically. Also, blockchain transactions offer to reduce processing time in comparison to fiat transactions. The best is that all the transactions can be performed at any time sitting anywhere.  

5. Bitcoin is Rebellious 

The advancement introduced by Bitcoin will never fade away. And the technology behind it can be modified according to any context as per requirement. A cryptocurrency transaction is made successful using a series of unstoppable servers. Because of this, many countries, including China, South America, India, Africa, and much more, are rapidly adopting the blockchain cryptocurrency.  

The hike in Bitcoin price and reward drop in mining block increases the popularity and usability of Bitcoin because the new public is acquiring it with time.  

6. Adaption of government and banks

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means no single government or bank running or has the control to influence the digital currency. Bitcoins are rising rapidly because it’s a ledged public currency and can be used without any central authentication.  

Bitcoin has gained the trust of governments and banks due to its features, and it is already accepted worldwide. Even many online stores began accepting crypto- payments. Additionally, bitcoins never spread false rumors to attract the masses and cheat the users.  

7. Bitcoin will continue to grow 

After seeing the associated benefits of digital currency, more investors are interested in investing in Bitcoin.  

The volatile cryptocurrency will keep rising the cost of Bitcoin as the supply is restricted, but the demand and popularity is increasing exponentially It is expected that with continued uses of virtual currency, the price of cryptocurrency- Bitcoin will keep on rising. Investors and business owners have already realized that cryptocurrency will solve the daily basis difficulty of managing transactions by decentralizing it.  

Bitcoin has no predetermined price, and it gets decided by the demand of cryptocurrency. As the trend grows, the usage of bitcoin will grab the eyes of potential investors and large business owners and make them invest in bitcoins. So, with more interest in bitcoins will eventually raise its price in the future. And with time, bitcoin holders will make a huge profit.

8. Highly Protected 

Due to the blockchain technology being used in bitcoin, it cannot be counterfeited, manipulated, changed, or hacked. These crypto transactions are being processed using cryptography, and once cryptography is sent, the process cannot be reverted. Cryptocurrencies are highly privacy protected as they do not require any redundant information at the time of the transaction.  

It uses a unique feature called a push mechanism to send and accept the transaction. As cryptocurrency works with digital wallets, there is no need to provide your confidential information like your name, card details, etc.

Investing in Bitcoin: Should You Do It? 

Bitcoin is not the merely cryptocurrency attracting excited investors Etherium, Riffle, Litecoin, and for some of the other thousand or so digital currencies that have been created so far.  

But, is it a safe stake for your money to put on, and will it prove to continue growth? Bitcoin is an equal to the equal network that is decentralized and not run by profit-driven companies, which is more innovative than the cryptocurrencies themselves. Blockchain is confirmed by numerous users and their computers all. Meanwhile, your identity remained hidden for a while; blockchain is being celebrated among industry expert cryptocurrencies themselves continue to divide opinion. Since crypto is a decentralized currency, the government or banking organization has no influencing power to protect its value.  

The value of crypto is solely on the beliefs of the market. So, If somehow the belief is undermined, the value can go down. This is a kind of instability in Crypto and investors are distressed by it knowing that, if something happens the investor would have no support.  


The business that operates today will not turn out in the future. To list a few, agriculture, Energy, technology (IoT), manufacturing and logistics, and much more will evolve with time. Grab this chance to make a platform to distribute it across the globe.  

The digital assets have no barrier like geographical, social or cultural, it can be purchased by anyone and it is supported with a flawless and secure payment system and robust infrastructure based upon blockchain technology. 

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