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Automated Bitcoin Investment PHP script – Credtrade v7.4 Also Known as Hyip

on February 5, 2023

CredTrade v7.4 is an automated bitcoin investment PHP script, perfectly design for those that run bitcoin investment business that allow their users to make investments and have close watch of investment ROI.

This software was build to close the gap between traders and investors and also help fast tracking client job for both developers and website designers. Just like most other bitcoin investment scripts, it can be used as a high yield investment program (HYIP Script) or otherwise.

If you are into crypto hustle or trading forex and you want people to invest with you for a daily fixed interest rate, then Credtrade is the prefect choice for you.

With zero programming knowledge, following the instruction on the user documentation guild that comes with the script you don’t have to be standard, you will be able to to set it up an running with no time.

Just as the name implies, if a website is built with this script, the admin of the site can create an unlimited number of investment plans, gibing them different name.

The most interesting thing about this script is admin having control over all the editing both content and admin settings on front and backend. The email setup is located on the admin panel and it uses simple SMTP setting.

We have Crypto Investment web design expertise that can serve both on customization and hosting. To get Started, Send us message on WhatsApp using the button below