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Best Online Banking PHP Script Built With COT, TAX, ATC & IMF Codes For International Transactions

on November 16, 2023

Best Online banking script built with COT, TAX, ATC and IMF code for transaction, Skylark v8.1 is a complete online banking PHP script platform that can perform local transfers, interbank transfers, and international financial transfers for customers.

This is an advanced version of our online bank that was previously available. With premium features like Chart and credit card for online payment and for a clear overview of all bank activities, email alerts for every transaction, and Fund transfer bank accounts using Stripe, Paystack, and Ravepay Payment gateways, this online banking website website was created with secure bank transfer modules to ensure that funds go to the required customer both within the bank and any other external bank.

To give you the greatest possible digital banking experience, this has been meticulously crafted to adhere to all digital bank codes and principles.

This features internal APIs that link with almost all banks to verify that money transfers go to the intended destination and not to a random person.

Do you want to check out skylark v8.1 demo ? if yes click on the demo link below.

Link: https://codewebmaster.com/downloads/skylark-v7-4-modern-online-banking-php-script-source-code-developed-in-php-html-javascript-mysql-database/