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Bitcoin Hack – Fake USDT ETHEREUM BTC Transaction Sender Tool

on July 8, 2023

Are you here because you are looking for fake crypto sender software, software that can send fake Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT with confirmation? If so, then you are at the right store at the right time.

We have a complete all-in-one fake cryptocurrency sender software that is capable of sending fake cryptocurrencies like; Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. The good news ? works on many wallets like binance, trust wallet, blockchain, paxful, luno, etc.

Below is the available version and features.

Version 1.0.52 -Released Date (18/3/2023)

– 100% User Anonymity



– Added exchanges
– User Interface
– User-Friendly Graphics

– target API 28
– user experience improved

– removed installation complication
– replace by fees
– fixed requirement checkers bugs on some 64bit Windows 10
– add up to 500 wallets
– added compulsory tor connection (beta)

Full features
add up to 100 wallets
automatically remove the blacklisted wallet
customize transaction fee
double spend option
separate transaction + randomize delay
automatic transaction

– fixed requirement checkers bugs on some 32bit Windows 10– Updated terms of service
– added auto clear cache function
– added auto crash report function

– fixed minor auto-transaction bugs
– permanently removed double-spend option
– permanently removed the proxy option
– permanently blocked auto-create wallet plugin

– fixed no wallet loaded error
– fixed overtime crash
– added auto clear cache option
– updated terms of use
– temporarily disabled proxy option
– temporary blocked unlimited wallets plugin
– temporarily blocked auto-remove blacklist plugin
– temporary blocked auto-create wallet plugin

– fixed several connection bugs
– fixed force close during the transaction on windows 10

version 1.5.1
– fixed minor bugs and tweaks
– automatic transactions force close bug

version 1.5.0
– updated with the latest exploit
– new UI
– permanently fixed instant negative confirmation
– fixed windows 10 connection issue
– fixed notification plugin error
– added multiple wallet options
– added proxy option
– added automatic transaction feature
– tor setting removed
– added custom transaction fee option

– fixed instant negative confirmation

– fixed blocked connection to blockchain network
– fixed minor connection issue
– temporarily disabled tor setting

– fixed minor bugs
– fixed windows 10 error

– added password protection
– added data encryption
– added plugin option
– added free plugins (notification, blockchain network viewer, real-time miner fees ratthe e)
– added compulsory tor connection (beta)
– fixed major disconnection issue during the transaction

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Link: https://codewebmaster.net/downloads/fake-usdt-ethereum-btc-transaction-sender-tool-fake-crypto-sender-software/

If you have any question, Do not hesitate to send us message on whatsapp using our whatsapp support button or live support button.