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Download Bitcrow – Complete Escrow Milestone Script

on November 1, 2020

Do you want to launch your own bitcoin exchange website with escrow services. Escrow is a middle man who comes into action when two traders join hands in an exchange platform, for trading.

Bitcrow is a complete escrow milestone script, 11+ payment method available here to receive payment. The code is really modular so you can modify it to your taste. You can monetize it by setting up the escrow fee and withdraw fee for cash and bitcoin.

It has the latest and advanced technology that is adaptable and modern. It is fully responsive and provides top-notched features to manage your traders.

The foremost responsibility of Escrow is to assure the financial security of any transaction. Before you get started, engage with our experts and get a clear vision about escrow services in crypto exchange platforms.

Bitcrow is a place where you can trade bitcoins with crypto/fiat currency. As bitcoin is a virtual currency, it is very essential to handle it with caution. Often, trading of volatile bitcoin takes place between persons who are strangers. So, In such a risky platform escrow serves as a third party and guards the transaction in all possible ways. We provide the best bitcoin escrow script to build a trustworthy platform, where your user can trade and store their bitcoins in escrow wallet without any fear.

To Download Bitcrow Script Email: codewebcode@gmail.com or Whatsapp: +1 (302) 244 5100

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