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Genius Trade | Complete Online Forex Trading & Investment Script

by Codewebmaster in , , on November 28, 2022
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Genius Trade is a complete solution for an online Forex Investment Script. Clients can use this system to make a trade and get a profit if clients win the trade. Anyone can register for trading and can win the trade. This is simple but very robust script. You can get all features to make it a fully functional script. You can use it for professional business purposes. You will get a percentage amount from user withdrawal. Also, admin will get the money whenever user loses their trade.

Genius Trade comes with features like withdraw, deposit, send money request, send money, money transferring, practice trade, real-time trade, Advanced trade based on cryptocurrency, multi-level referral system, Dynamic KYC form and user verification, manual fund add, 2FA security, multiple currency and languages, currency rate automatic update through API, dynamic font and many more.

There is an option for practice trade in case new users get an idea of how the system works. There is three possible option one user can get win, lose and draw. It’s about predicting the cryptocurrency rate. There are two options for predicting one is high and another one is low. If the user predicts the cryptocurrency rate will be high within a particular time that time the user will win. If the currency rate is low users will lose. Between two-stage of win and lose will be the draw. Traders also can earn by referral system too. Admin can set referral percentage from admin panel.

This script is perfectly created with lots of known online payment gateways to make the payment easier, flexible, and comfortable. Genius Trade is easily installable and you can manage this script more easily with user-friendly features and an interactive interface with a fully responsive design. It’s designed for everyone, whether is the user technical or non-technical. Anyone can interact with the interface easily and comfortably.

The Genius Trade will make you Successful for sure in the Trading Business arena as well as it will save your Marketing cost also for this one you don’t need any Coding Skills. Genius Trade may assist you to handle unlimited users, payments, accept a good number of payment gateways, Supports Multiple Languages, and Multiple Currencies. You can easily manage which currency will be accepted or not, Also you can set the system base currency.

If you are looking for the Best Online Trading Script which will grow your business to the next level then Genius Trade will be the right choice for you. It takes only a few minutes to set up your website with our system. So, Let’s Start Your own online trading business with Genius Trade.

Admin Panel:

  • Standard Dashboard Statistics
  • Active and Block Customers number showing
  • Total blogs and total trade method number showing
  • Total Deposit number and total deposit amount return
  • Total withdraw amount and total charge withdraw amount showing
  • Total Referral Bonus and Total Balance transfer number displaying
  • Total balance transfer amount and total trades number showing
  • Total trade amount and total request money amount return
  • And Total Transactions, total tickets numbers also displaying in the dashboard
  • Recent Joined users list in the dashboard
  • Advanced Menu Builder Feature
  • Referral information settings
  • Get all the users list
  • Get all the user KYC Information
  • Able to update user KYC Modules information
  • Referral Service Acrivation and Deactivation feature
  • Referral user bonus amount settings
  • Able to update trade schedule
  • Able to create and update crypto methods
  • Get all the practice trade log data
  • Get all the practice trade wining, losing and draw information
  • Get all the Real time trade log data
  • Get all the Real time trade wining, losing and draw information
  • Get all the transaction details
  • All the withdrawal management
  • Individual Withdrawal Details with withdrawal status
  • Deposit Management
  • Able to see Deposit Details
  • All the Request money transaction details
  • Able to set money request setting
  • Blog Category Handling
  • Blog Posts Management
  • Logo and Favicon Management
  • Able to manage Loader
  • Manages Breadcrumb Banner Settings
  • Advanced Site Information Management
  • Get the opportunity to set countries’ information
  • Footer and Error Banner Settings
  • Standard Website Maintenance
  • Hero and Service Section Management
  • About Section and Counter Section management
  • Partner section and Call to action section management
  • Section heading settings
  • Advanced Homepage Customization
  • Email Templates Management
  • Opportunity to Configure the Email
  • Group email sending feature
  • Standard SMS Settings
  • Get all the message History
  • Advanced Currency Management
  • Get the opportunity to manage payment gateways
  • Creating New Staff Feature
  • Staff Management
  • Standard system Roles Management
  • KYC form update settings
  • Website Language settings
  • Admin panel language settings
  • Fonts management feature
  • FAQ page Management
  • Contact Us page Management
  • Other Pages handling
  • Login and Registration page Update option
  • Allowed to handle Google Analytics
  • Website Meta Keywords Management
  • Social Links Management
  • Able to handle and create Sitemap
  • Get All the subscribers to list
  • Clear Cache Features
  • System Activation and Generate Backup
  • Password Changing and Recovery System
  • Able to Edit Own Profile
  • And much more..

User Panel

  • Smart Dashboard Statistics
  • User Registration System
  • Main Balance and Demo Balance showing on the dashboard
  • Total Deposit and Total Trade number showing
  • Total Payout and Total Transaction amount return in the dashboard
  • Total Referral Bouns and Total Ticket showing
  • Auto-Generated Referral URL showing in the dashboard
  • All the Recent Transactions showing on dashboard
  • Get All the Transaction list
  • Able to get the opportunity to practice trade
  • Practice trade log showing
  • Get Real-time Trade opportunity
  • Real-time trade log showing
  • Standard money transferring system
  • Advanced Send Money System
  • Advanced Request Money System
  • Get all the Money Requests
  • Standard Deposit System with a number of Payment methods
  • Standard Withdrawal System
  • Referral user’s information list
  • Referral Commissions Informations
  • Able to create a new support ticket
  • Get All the support ticket list
  • Account Settings with Account Status
  • Contact Information Update Opportunity
  • Password Changing and Recovery System
  • Able to Edit Own Profile
  • And much more..

Other Dynamic Features

  • Standard Contact Section
  • System latest transaction list
  • Real-time trading method lives chart
  • Blog Sharing Opportunity
  • Allowed to Make comments on Blog
  • Email Notification System
  • Social Connection Opportunity
  • Email Subscription System


Demo: https://demo.royalscripts.com/products/tradegenius
Admin Demo: https://demo.royalscripts.com/products/tradegenius/admin

Admin Login:
User: admin@gmail.com

User Demo: https://demo.royalscripts.com/products/tradegenius/user/login

User Login:
User: user@gmail.com

Release Information

  • Price


  • Released

    November 28, 2022

  • Last Updated

    December 24, 2022

  • File Included

    Javascript JS, CSS, PHP, SQL,Laravel,Boostrap

  • Compatible With

    PHP 7.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x

  • Version

    PHP 7.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x

  • Documentation

    Well Documented

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Genius Trade | Complete Online Forex Trading & Investment Script

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