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Emirate Gulf v7.2 – Latest Php Version Online Banking Script

on February 25, 2021

Emirate Gulf v7.2 is a responsive internet banking systems it was developed using latest php version along with a smart colorful user interface , is premium online banking script for building an awesome credit card company, loans bureau and corporate online banking services.
Emirate Gulf v7.2 is capable of transferring real money to another user in different bank and beneficary will receive the funds with 48hours.

Watch Demo Video On YouTube Below


Emirate Gulf Bank v7.2 (Demo Access)

Frontend: https://premiumbnk.com/emirategulf/

Admin Access: https://premiumbnk.com/emirategulf/admin

Admin Login: Username: admin@admin.com || Password: admin

User Access: https://premiumbnk.com/emirategulf/userd

User Login: Account No: 3067303962 || Password: 123456 || Transfer Pin: 1212

The project is coded in
– php
– mysql
– html5
– css
– bootstrap
– jquery
Emirate Gulf V7.2 PHP script is developed in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL database. It has a complete banking portal which provides real banking services that gives you complete control over all your banking demands online.

This project was initially developed for an undergraduate school project, but over time, other banking features had been added base on student demands. It is now suitable for postgraduate level.

If you want to download Emirate Gulf Bank, email: codewebcode@gmail.com or Use the Whatsapp Button.