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on December 9, 2022

Do you need a good and professional forex trading script, stock trading script or binary trading script ? if yes, we have provided a professional forex script. BarclaysTrade is your No 1 solution for creating an Forex investment management or pool trading platform, and multiple account management (MAM) platform.

BarclaysTrade v8.1 is a Unique forex trading script platform that allows users to trade on real Forex/ stocks and crypto pairs just like other top broker platform.

This system trading data is supplied through an API from alphavantage.co, which provides real-time chart data and price data for trading as well.

The most amazing thing about this script is not only the professional design, the chart and asset prices are real for each pair.

The users will see a normal “candlestick chart” for any pair they want to trade on. They will view their trade live for each active order (buy or sell). Their profit/ loss, as well as equity, is calculated in real-time. This platform is built with PHP and JavaScript (no frameworks).

Barclaystrade v8.1makes it easy for you to run your own Forex Trading Platform system within minutes.

Quickly click on the link below to view test before buying.

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