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on September 2, 2021

Codewebmaster Team, always strongly believe in creating a technology which is easy to use for the clients and their customers. CargoExpress v7.3 is a step towards that which helps in simplifying the existing manual system and facilitates users to store unlimited information with easy accessibility and quick retrieval of data at a click of a button.

Our Courier Management System is useful in managing and monitoring day to day activities like hub rates, return, out return, company details, booking, pickup centres, non-delivery, incoming couriers and account management.

Automation is required, as this is a very hectic process if you did it manually. CargoExpress v7.3 is a solution to this as it improves the return on efforts and saves time and money.

CargoExpress v7.3 Is Best For

Courier Industry, Courier & Cargo, Logistics and freight industry, Domestics and international courier companies, small courier as well as big courier industries also android app integration possible.

We have made this script, a very simple one, which means SIMPLE! The Script can be plugged into any part of your existing website. It can run along with Joomla or WordPress or Drupal.

To download CargoExpress v7.3 Kindly Whatsapp: +19285827378