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Complete Online Banking Script For Personal Account And Checking Account

on October 15, 2021

Online Banking script gives you the ability to check your personal account balances, view your transaction history, make payments on loans, set alerts, and more. Upon logging on, you have multiple resources available. The initial view will be of all your accounts. Above the transactions, multiple pull downs are available which will allow you to transfer funds, sign up for mobile banking, change your account preferences, and correspond with the bank. To the right, additional resources display including Notifications, Account Summary Options, and Financial Tools.

Our Online banking php script gives you complete access to view and export transactions, transfer funds to and from the account, set up account alerts, and edit the user friendly account names. Let’s view the transactions for this account.

It’s clearly displays the debits, credits, and running balance for the last 30 days along with any checks and their images. If you are looking for a transaction that is past the 30 day window, click the Filter Transactions link to change the criteria.

Additionally, you can filter so only checks, deposits, or withdrawals display.

To the right of the grid, account details display along with account options.

Complete Online banking source code portal Accounts option gives you the ability to view a summary of all your accounts, search for transactions, and set alerts. For example, if you are trying to locate a debit transaction that took place between Jan 1st and Jan 5th, you can use the Transaction Search option to specify this information.

Simply enter information regarding the transaction you are trying to locate, and then click the Search button.

The transactions that pertain to the information entered are displayed. From here, you can export the information to various account packages, or print the page. Another feature available under the Accounts option is the ability to set up alerts.

This option gives you the ability to be notified based on different types of account activity. Alerts can be set based on an Account Balance, CD Maturity Date, Loan Payment Due Date, or Pending Transactions.

With online banking, you have the capability to transfer funds, make loan payments, create transfers to an external account, and view transfer history.

Simply select the account the transfer is originating from, going to, and the amount.

If desired, enter a message in the memo field.

Next, select the Frequency for this transfer.

Multiple options display giving you the ability to create a single transfer, or a recurring transfer. When you select an option that is recurring, additional fields display allowing you to enter a beginning and ending date. Additionally, if the date you select falls on a holiday you have the option to say if the transfer will happen the business day before or after the holiday.

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